Action Brief: Gross Motor Development and Fine Motor Coordination

The pre-primary years are a critical period for motor development. Gross motor skills (big muscle movements) play an integral role in the development of children’s movement patterns. Fine motor skills (small muscle movements) in this age group are important for developing future skills such as writing and self-care. According to the Thrive by Five Index, […]

Action Brief: Emergent Language and Literacy

The Emergent Literacy and Language domain provides a snapshot of young children’s developing expressive language skills, vocabulary, understanding of language, and their awareness of sounds in words. These skills begin developing from the earliest days of a child’s life and are all critically important foundations for both reading and writing, and have a strong influence […]

Action Brief: Cognition and Executive Function

Cognition refers to the mental skills that are critical for learning and development. Executive function refers to a specific set of mental skills that enable us to pay attention, plan, think creatively, problem solve, and exercise self-control. Executive Function also helps us to regulate our behaviour and emotions in a positive or goal directed way. […]